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Don't Let This Happen To You

Familiar with this story? You're a classroom teacher and have been made faculty sponsor of the school dance committee (not that you have enough to do already!). Not being familiar with the local disc jockeys in town, you go with one who offers you the lowest price. Besides, your school activity budget is limited this year and everyone else was just to darn expensive! 

When the disc jockey finally arrives (after the kids have already been there 20 minutes), you notice that this person is quite young. Possibly a college, or high school student. You inquire about the delay and the person is quite rude and unprofessional to you.   He then proceeds to tell you that he needs to have the remaining balance due before he can even setup. Here we go again, another delay!

Finally your disc jockey is setup and ready to go. Twenty songs later, no one is dancing. The kids are pretty much standing around, talking to one another, or worse yet, the boys are on one side of the room and the girls on the other. Boy, are we off to a great start! 

Next, the disc jockey decides to take a request from one of your students. The song is off one of those CDs that have the "Parental Advisory" label on it! The language is so offensive that you now have parents and chaperones complaining, not to mention your principal who is looking forward to getting all those phone calls from angry parents Monday morning.  And he decides to play the song in itís entirety and does not cease playing it!     Aren't you glad you booked this guy? 

At Thunder Entertainment, we know kids and the challenges teachers and parents face when planning for a successful school dance or prom. We play the top 40 songs that the kids love, plus a few that even your chaperones will love.   We never play any songs that will get you called into the principal's office the next morning! Plus, you will only get a professional disc jockey with experience in entertaining people, not some minimum-wage high school or college student who just "pushes the play button." 

Thunder Entertainment  has been providing music for D/FW Area School Dances since 1990.  We know that music is the key to the success of your dance.  We closely follow the music charts and provide the most current hits and your favorite standards to ensure that a good variety and up to date presentation can be executed at every performance. Our DJ's mix the music for a continuous dance atmosphere and we welcome the requests of your classmates!

Thunder Entertainment is geared to serve the unique needs of your school/teen dance.  Whether it's a regular dance, banquet, homecoming dance, spring formal, prom or grad-night, we have the best variety of music, sound systems, and lighting in the D/FW Area.

Give yourself some piece of mind and call or email Thunder Entertainment today.  We will give you a discount on our regular prices that won't drain your activity fund.  


Packages to Fit your Budget!

Gold Package Silver Package Bronze Package
Ability to choose entire song playlists! a a a
Up to (4) hours of Entertainment included a
No additional charge for set-up or take-down a a a
Announcing of Planned Events a a a
Master of Ceremonies a a a
Interactive Games (optional) a a
Extensive Music Library (20,000 + Titles) a a a
Radio Friendly Music (Clean Edits) a a a
Request Sheets a a a
2-Speaker Sound System a a a
4-Speaker Sound System a
Wireless Microphone a a
Back Up Equipment a a a
Basic Lighting Package a a
Premium Lighting Package a
Additional Effects (Prices are to added to final price)
Fog Machine (if permitted) $25.00 added to total
Bubble Machine $50.00
Karaoke  $200.00 
Disco Ball $25.00 added to total