Thunder Entertainment: 

The Class Reunion Experts

A class reunion is a very special occasion.   A reunion requires a disc jockey who has experience!    Our experience comes from working with Reputable Reunion Planning Companies which hire Thunder Entertainment.    A class reunion can be stressful to the coordinator and we make every effort to make your event go as smooth as possible.  A lot of pre-planning goes into a reunion and you should not hire someone who does not have the experience.  

First, reunion attendees are there to re-connect with friends.   So, A reunion DJ must be able to advise the class members when dinner is served, when and how to line up for their class picture, and working with the reunion committee coordinate with their award presentation and/or special dedications or announcements..

But above all, a reunion DJ must understand that most people go to a reunion to renew old friendships and relive old memories.  And a reunion DJ must have patience and tact to deal with the handful of guests who get frustrated that the dance floor doesn't fill right away, and who blame the DJ for it. That's where an amateur will panic and play a lot of inappropriate music to try to force people to dance when they're not ready.

Here is how a typical reunion schedule may run:

(of course, this can always be changed)

During the first 2 hours, classmates are checking in and making their seating arrangements for the evening.   During this time, we like to play a music program of the greatest hits of your particular graduation year, plus highlight events associated with your graduation year.   Occasionally, an alumni questionnaire is distributed for all attendees to fill out.      

Once dinner is served, we concentrate our music program and play some of the favorite hits from your High School years and also take any requests. 

Once dinner is completed, your  reunion committee/coordinator may want to make any award presentations or recognize certain classmates who have deceased.    We usually take a special moment of silence for remembrance.   

Once the award presentations are completed, your photographer will want to take a class picture and also group photos (i.e. the football or baseball players, cheerleaders).

Now it is time to dance! Reunion attendees usually are ready at this point to just let loose.  They may be tired of taking pictures, watching presentations and just sitting down too long  and ready to dance.   At this point, we don't limit ourselves to the music from your high school years, anything goes!  

To close the reunion, it is a nice idea to end with the school song.........and thank everyone for coming out.